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Combining Education, Imagination, and Entertainment

Let Them Play it Out, Before They Live it Out

Today's teens and young adults face more social challenges than ever before. WILL Interactive video games present these challenges in a safe environment. With each assignment, students drive their own virtual experiences as they experiment with decisions, consequences and (peer) interactions.

Teach Them to Think

WILL's CEO and President Sharon Sloane, a 20+ year educator, counselor, and instructional video system designer, believes the success of this online 'learn by doing' curriculum is the result of engaging students by teaching them "how to think rather than what to think." As pioneers in the creation of full-screen, full-motion interactive educational videos, Will's patented technology invites your students to confront the social challenges they face daily and demonstrates how choices made can transform outcomes.

Easy, Inexpensive and Teacher-Friendly

As a leader in web-based educational products, WILL's integrated online campus is an easy, low-cost and flexible learning tool that delivers individual and classroom results to you.

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