How It Works

5 Steps to Making a Real Difference

1. Choose the Video Game(s)

2. Set Up Your Classroom

  • Log-in
  • Follow the easy steps to set up your classroom
  • Manage your classrooms from any internet connection

3. Create Video Game Assignments

The Assignment Credits provide each student a protected 'homepage'.

Your students will:

  • Take a brief pre-assessment
  • Play the video game—as many times as they wish
  • Complete the assignment by taking a post assessment

4. Monitor Progress and Review Reports

In real-time, you can:

  • Track your student's progress
  • Compare their pre- and post-assessment results
  • Review class statistics

WILL delivers statistics that help you assess the effectiveness of the video game, review key issues with your students, and develop future curriculum supporting these issues.

5. Educate and Entertain

WILL Interactive video games allow your students to be active participants, expand their knowledge of key social issues and teach themselves how to make healthier decisions.

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