Hate Comes Home

Social Bias and Hate Crimes – Ages 13-17

Hate Comes Home

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System Requirements:
  • Windows or Mac Operating System
  • DSL or better internet connectivity
  • Flash Player 10+
  • Headphone or Speakers
  • Recommended Browsers: Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, Internet Explorer 7+
  • Intel Pentium 4 1.5GHz, AMD Athlon™ 64 2800+ processor (or equivalent)
  • 256MB of RAM
Learning Points:
  • Hate
  • Bias
  • School Violence
  • Leadership
  • Tolerance
  • Racism
  • Adult Role Models
  • Family Issues
  • Popularity

In a culture bombarded with biases and violence, how do we help our teens effectively resolve conflict?

Hate Comes Home allows your students to experience a tragic yet preventable event that's the result of hate and bias in a local community. Through virtually experiencing the brutal killing of two students by their own peers, this game allows students to work through how this tragedy could be avoided all together through education and an ability to make informed decisions even in 'heated' environments.

Set around the night of a Homecoming Dance, four students hold the keys to a peaceful outcome. As each character, your students must decide whether to let the incident happen or stop the manifestation of hate and the biases that caused it through the perspective of these four characters: Jake, who has moved from a homogenous town to an ethnically diverse school, must navigate a new world of conflicting messages. Richard, the school's basketball star, must decide whether to live up to an African-American jock label, and label other people in turn, or to be himself and see others as multi-dimensional people. Lina, a smart student who has endured the effects of hate against Hispanics, must come to terms with her own biases. And Tisha, part African-American and part Vietnamese, must reconcile her cultures at home and at school. Can your students' decisions prevent this terrible incident from happening?

Created in cooperation with the Anti-Defamation League, Hate Comes Home has won prestigious awards in the education and software industry.

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