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WILL Campus offers a collection of interactive educational videos covering a variety of subject matter relevant to early adolescents and young adults.

It's Your Call

Cell Phone Safety – Ages 11-15

With the dramatic risks of inappropriate cell phone usage, how can we educate our students about cyberbullying, "sexting", and academic cheating, help them make informed decisions, and keep them safe?

The Challenge

Team Work, Integrity and Personal Development – Ages 12-16

Being a leader requires teamwork, integrity, purpose, direction and motivation. The Challenge gives your students the opportunity to step up and work hard to avoid losing everything.

The Challenge II

Teen Leadership and Personal Development – Ages 15-20

Developed in cooperation with the Army JROTC, The Challenge II addresses teen leadership while incorporating relationships, peers, school choices, life choices, and monumental matters about the future.

Generation Rx

Prescription Drug Abuse – Ages 14-18

Generation Rx challenges your students to confront the dangers of prescription drug abuse by working through a series of tough social situations. With every choice, students discover the power to drive what happens next, before it's too late.

Hate Comes Home

Social Bias and Hate Crimes – Ages 13-17

In a culture bombarded with biases and violence, how do we help our teens effectively resolve conflict? This game offers your students a chance to play out positive alternatives and avoid a violent outcome, but the decisions are up to them.

Interactive Nights Out 1

Social Responsibility, Drug Abuse and Binge Drinking – Ages 16-23

With the widespread effects that drug use, binge drinking, and sexual promiscuity can have on our young adults, help your students avoid a few "wrong" turns at pivotal decision-making points and avoid long-term, irreversible effects.

Interactive Nights Out 2

Social Responsibility, Drug and Alcohol Abuse – Ages 12-17

Faced with "adult" decisions about alcohol and drugs every day, our teens need help developing positive decision-making skills. How do we share these messages effectively and keep our kids safe, happy and healthy?

Just 2 Days

School Violence and Social Pressures – Ages 11-17

Just 2 Days opens in a school parking lot, where an argument between two boys escalates into a deadly clash. Can the students make the right decisions to help control this situation, bring an end to the altercation, and win the game?

The Fumble

Ethical Decision Making for Student Athletes – Ages 18-24

In The Fumble you become Marcus Todd, a senior and team captain on a Division I football team. After a tough loss, Marcus has to look out for his troubled best friend while trying to be the leader that his head coach expects him to be.

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